We are Authorised Apple Education Resellers who aim to provide the most competitive pricing and the highest level of support to Schools.

1:1 Programs

The most powerful learning is achieved when every student has access to powerful technology. MyMac can help plan and develop your school’s 1:1 and BYOD programs with a range of tools and services, such as our School Purchasing Portals and Servicing Portals.

We know that every school faces different obstacles, and that these obstacles depend on factors such as the School’s Socio-Economic Status, Local Internet Access, Staff Capacity etc. Our Staff have worked with many schools across the country to help build a customised 1:1 program that is suitable for the school community, and enhances teaching and learning across the board.

Contact us today for a discussion on how we can help make your 1:1 Program a success.

Mobile Device Management

As your school’s technology becomes decentralised through 1:1 ownership and BYOD programs, management of school devices can become a difficult task. However, it is important that schools maintain some level of control over devices that students and staff bring on campus to ensure that they have access to wireless network infrastructure, e-Learning material and the relevant applications for their lessons.

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, are a suite of tools that Schools and Educators can utilise to manage School and Student owned iPads and Notebooks from a centralised dashboard.

There are many different types of Mobile Device Management suites available on the market, some that are accessible through the internet, and others that are setup within the school as a separate server. Depending on the size of your IT program, the functionalities your school requires, and budget will all affect which MDM provider is right for you. MyMac Education works with different providers and can help find the best solution for your school.

There are many benefits in having a Mobile Device Management Suite, including:

  • Distribution of Apps to iPads through the Volume Purchase Program
  • Ability to have your iPads set-up straight out of the box with the DEP program.
  • Centralised management of the entire fleet of School Owned, 1:1 and BYOD Student and Staff iPads and Notebooks.
  • Configure Email Accounts.
  • Restrict access to particular websites and content.
  • Plus much more.

Speak to us today about how we can help your school plan and deploy a new MDM service to help manage your school’s technology.

School BYOD Portals

My Mac Education can help build a customised BYOD solution for your school to ensure that it won’t become the notorius “Bring-Your-Own-Disaster”.

Our secure BYOD portals gives your school the opportunity to provide families with a range of devices all at reduced Education pricing (including the full Apple range and also Windows hardware). We also offer discounted accessories, insurance and extended warranty packages to suit the needs of each individual.

My Mac have also partnered with Geared Financial Services to provide Leasing Packages for families who would prefer to Lease their device as opposed to pay in full.

Benefits of using the MyMac BYOD Portal:

  • Ensure that your students are able to access the right device for the classroom, at the best possible prices.
  • Eliminates the administration headache that schools have experienced with School Managed Leasing.
  • Schools are notified when a student has purchased a device. We can also provide the school with Serial Numbers, as well as enrol devices in the School DEP (for Apple Devices) and Mobile Device Management Services.

The MyMac BYOD Portal Service is free to all Educational Institutions.

School Financing Options

My Mac Education are able to provide a range  of Finance options for schools looking purchase our full range of products.

Financing can be an excellent way to help make your IT budget go even further, by reducing your upfront costs so that you  have more funds available to put towards other important projects, like Professional Development and strengthening your Network Infastructure.

There are two types of Financing that we can help facilitate:

Hire-Purchase: Pay off large purchases in regular instalments over a fixed period of time. Hire Purchase agreements usually have an interest component, but the customer can usually buy out the equipment at the end of the Finance period for a small fee.

Chattel Mortgage: Pay a regular instalment amount over a fixed period of time, and then roll over the equipment to new equipment at the end of the finance period. In certain circumstances the finance may contain a negative interest rate, meaning that you might not have to pay the full value of the products.

For more information speak to us today about how we can help your school school finance new technology.